Ways To Improve Marketing With Google Analytics

Ways To Improve Marketing With Google Analytics

Ways To Improve Marketing With Google Analytics. Google Analytics is more useful and powerful tool to check stats of web traffic. It also used to check traffic source, conversions etc.

Now, we share tips with you to get more out of Google Analytics.

  1. Add WordPress

Google Analytics by Yoast Plugin helps to install Google analytics to your WordPress website. With this plugin, you can track views per post, views per author, conversions etc. Also, you can track internal links that redirect to external websites, downloads and outbound clicks.

2. Email Marketing Traffic

One can easily track traffic from email marketing platforms like GetResponse, MailChimp etc. Google Analytics report helps to compare email to other Digital Marketing channels and track number of clicks and open emails generated by the campaign.

Like if you use MailChimp when creating an email campaign, you add UTM parameters, so you can monitor traffic by Google Analytics. Also, you can set the Google Analytics ID to track your campaign.

3. Google Updates

By Google Analytics, you can track how your website was affected by the Google algorithm past updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.

4. Find Keywords (Not Provided)

Google Analytics does not provide the data of keywords that lead traffic to your website. So, you can find the keywords by ‘AuthorityLabs’ tool. This tool integrates with Google Analytics and helps to monitor search engine ranking.  It helps to determine which keywords help to drive traffic to your website.

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