Ways of Making Money on Instagram in 2018

Ways of Making Money on Instagram in 2018

Ways of Making  Money on Instagram in 2018

Because of Instagram increasing popularity, it’s getting crowded, its attracting brands and online influencer. If we talk about its active user base it crossed over 2 billion marks. That’s why its attracting businesses.

That makes it an astonishing, now companies dedicating a substantial percentage of marketing budget to Instagram,

If you wanna make some serious money through Instagram this is the right time to enter. There is a lot of genuine ways to earn, in this post I will share here some exciting ways how to make money on Instagram. But people think that it’s easy, but like any other business it also takes dedicated efforts & time, I want to make it clear that without mastering a skill in any field you can’t make any money, this is also not an exception.

But here in this post, I am not mentioning techniques, I’ll sum it up for you the ways of earning.

Sponsored Post

A sponsored post is a crucial way to make money on Instagram, every online community member know what sponsored post is. Millions of people in the online community making money through this term, and this is the chunk of income generator for some people.

Brands or products get direct exposer through this term because they have the option to communicate with customers directly, brands can know about the customer’s choice & opinion and take feedback about their product. What is working and what is not working.

To cash it out you need to build a community fostering a specific niche, the targeted audience can make you serious money, if you know the tactic and how to establish yourself than it’s not a big deal.

You Can Promote Your Own Product or Services

Instagram is the best platform for branding your product or services. Here you can viral your brand or promote your services. Are you a photographer or a fitness consultant or specialize in cooking, a lawyer or no matter whatever your services.  you will get a big client over here.

You have a chance to earn big bucks through your own services or selling your own products rather than third-party products or services by promoting your own blog there.

For a lot of influencers, the digital product is the best to promote on Instagram. Do some market research about your niche what is a most trending product, where your followers want to spend their money.

To promote in super best way use relevant hashtags that bring your presence on the top of the result. And captions properly.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing also a lucrative way to earn a full time living from Instagram. Actually, Instagram doesn’t allow you to add an affiliate link, to promote the affiliate product you can put a link of your blog or website.

There are end numbers of affiliates programmes out there, sign up with anyone that is in your niche, lifestyle, fitness, travel and other. Like if you are travel and lifestyle blog then choose the relevant affiliate programme. Amazon affiliate, click Bank, ShareASale and Commission Junction are the top players in the industry.  You can start with anyone and start promoting.

Sell  Photos

Instagram is a photo sharing app itself, like any other digital product photo also a digital product and asset, that can be sold in a variety of ways.

Selling images is another great way to earn money on Instagram, you have already a collection of your beautiful moments you have captured. Now you have a gallery of images to showcase to the clients you can sell through your own website or from the marketplace.

When you got popular on Instagram then you can list your best-captured images in marketplaces like 500px and Twenty20.

Sometimes people need a customized photo then you can offer them. take the initiative and offer your audience the option to buy your photography from you.

Become a Social Media Manager

Social media specialist demands are huge, millions of people becoming online users, millions of new website taking birth every single month. The whole globe getting connected due to the internet. For companies, it’s become a necessity to show online presence.

Brands hiring a dedicated social media manager to handle their account, and the demand in the coming future increasing dramatically. You can offer your services part time or full time.

People who can serve better can take an initiative to serve, after getting some exposer you can make here huge money.

I think if you want to make a career as an Instagram specialist and social media manager or want to grow your business these

Ways of Making  Money on Instagram in 2018 definitely will help you to find your best ways.

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