How to record screen by VLC Media Player

You can record screen by VLC Media player. But most of the users don’t know about this. Today we will discuss the steps about the steps that How to record screen by VLC Media Player.

VLC is the famous Media Player started by Non-Profit Organization. The latest version of VLC is 3.0.4.

In this post, we will discuss how anyone can record screen by VLC Media Player. You just have to follow these steps.

  • Open VLC Media Player
  • Now, go to Media and click on “Open Capture Device”. You can also use shortcut Ctrl + C for that.
  • Now, new window opens. In that new window, go to Capture Mode and Select Desktop. Now, In the below select 30fps frame rate. You can change the frame rate according to your requirement.
  • Now, at the bottom, you will see the drop-down near to Play button.
  • Click on the drop-down and select ‘Convert’. You can also select this by Alt+O.
  • After opening the new window, Go to Settings and then go to Profile and select video format.
  • Click on Settings that is on the right side of video format.
  • Now, In the new window, select MP4/MOV in Encapsulation, then select MPEG-4 in video codec and click on Save.
  • You can also choose another codec according to your requirement.
  • Now, choose file destination in the bottom of Convert then click on Browse.
  • Now, File Explorer will open where you have to select the destination folder and give File Name and Click on Save.
  • Now, click on Start Button and screen recording will start now.
  • Now you can Pause/Stop recording by Pause/Recording buttons.
  • After completion of recording, you can close VLC Media Player and find the recorded file at your given destination.

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