How To Improve the speed of WordPress Blog

How To Improve the speed of Wordpress Blog

How To Improve the speed of WordPress Blog: 

If you have a fond of writing blogs and you want more traffic for that then this post will be helpful for you. In this post, we will discuss How To Improve the speed of WordPress Blog. 

Website Speed always helps to maintain the bounce rate of the website. Additionally, most websites now browse on smartphones. Many people do not want to visit a website if it takes so much time to load. Google also follow this condition. If someone searches something on Google, then Google will show a fast website first. That means google consider site loading speed. According to Google 5s loading speed is best.

 How To Improve the speed of WordPress Blog

  • Check website issues first by After open this site, enter the site name and press Enter. That will show the causes of the slow speed of your site.
  • If you are using plugin ‘Jetpack’, just delete this. This will help you to improve the speed of blog.
  • Install the plugin ‘Self Hosted google fonts’ – a perfect plugin for WordPress developers. This plugin will scan all the CSS files on your site and download all the necessary Google Web Fonts.
  • Compress all the images before uploading on WordPress website.
  • Use Gzip compression on the server. For this just contact with your hosting provider and tell them to enable Gzip compression. After activate check website speed.

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