How to Check Commercial Kitchen Appliances to Ensure Food Safety Hygiene

How to Check Commercial Kitchen Appliances to Ensure Food Hygiene

Foodborne illness is severely affecting the health of many people like pregnant women or elderly people. Hence, below are the secret tips which help you to keep your kitchen clean to ensure food safety for customers and employees.

If you contaminate the cooking area of the kitchen with dangerous bacteria, the customers or employees could get very sick.  Hence a quality check has to be done by the health department, wherein your restaurant or hospital kitchen can operate licensed and certified. On the other hand, it is well maintained commercial kitchen means maintaining the cleanliness and safe conditions of food preparations.

Although getting everything done perfectly is a very difficult task, you must ensure everything is done properly.  But it is the solemn duty of every staff to make sure that everything runs in an appropriate manner. If these standards are met, then that gives the customer satisfaction as well.

Hand washing regulations to the staffs

A dedicated handwashing situation is an important tip for your employees.  Every commercial kitchen should be provided with a hand washing station for your employees.  It reduces the contaminations and infections on food items like meat or vegetables.  Employees should rinse the hand with clean running water and air dry very often. After using toilets, any aquatic animals, coughing, sneezing, hand washing is compulsory.

Don’t let sick workers prepare food

The Environmental and Health Sciences survey says that if the workers are sick when they suffering from Vomiting and diarrhea, have to stay at home. If sick employees prepare food, they are putting their customers to risk. Infact, you don’t need any safety measures, as every employee knows customer’s health is endangered by letting the sick employees to cook.

Employers should not insist on the staff to work while they are sick.   But today the scenarios have changed. If the restaurant is rushed, under the pressure, employees have to cook to meet the demand of their customers.

Usage of Gloves :

Many years ago, the biological surveys stated that if the food is served with a bare hand, it will lead to some contaminated food bore illness.  But hand washing is not enough, another safety measure is the staffs changing their gloves regularly and efficiently.  They should change it for every type of food like raw meat to cooked food.

Washing the food properly

As the mothers wash fruits and vegetables at home with care, similarly, it is important to wash the fruits and vegetables even after it is skinned.  As everyone knows it contains the pesticides and bacteria which causes illness.  Especially tomato contains more bacteria, it is very important to wash them properly.  It is advisable to wash the fruits and vegetables under cold running water, or it can be rinsed like how we do for spinach.  You can take the suggestions from the health department.

Cook to the right temperatures

Cooking at the temperature brings your customers health in the safe zone.  The non-vegetarian food has to be cooked at the prescribed temperature.  For instance, beef has to be cooked at 155°F for 15 seconds.  Even the vegetables and other eatable foodstuffs need to be cooked at the right temperature.

This will also help in intake of bacteria in raw ones.

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