How to automatically repeat YouTube Videos

We need to see any video our number one priority would go to YouTube. YouTube is the Google’s extension for videos. It is a place where people can upload their videos and download the favorite videos. We can Download the older films and we subscribe channels to get updates of the respective channels. YouTube is one of the fastest growing video platforms which enables our videos to become viral in other social media. Here we are going to discuss one of the YouTube Features which needed by all youtube lovers. In the computer, we have the number of mp4 players such as VLC player, Aimersoft MP4 player to see the video in repeatedly. We Can’t expect that in youtube we have to click each and every time to see the video.

Getting the Video:

Open in the YouTube Page and search for a favorite video which you want. Loop it on the page by right click the video or play button in the video.

To Repeat Video:

First, we have to search for the video, you want to play repeatedly. The next step would be Editing of  URL  in the Address Bar.

Editing the Address Bar:

The Video entered here are running in the youtube window, we have to edit the Address bar by removing the front of the address as follow

For Example,

1. The Video Address Bar is “” for a video. We want to repeat this so we have to remove the Front Portion in the Address Like this “”

2. Type repeat after the youtube in the link like “” and click the enter button.

3. We will be directed to another Page “”

4. This page will repeat the video until the page closed. The page has the counter to count your repeat.

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