6 Ways to Stop Spam SEO traffic in Google Analytics

These are not kidding issues when you are hoping to discover unending SEO activity. In the past spam content used to hit your email inbox. To handle this channels were made by email suppliers obstructing those spam messages. The channels were extremely competent to evaluate the issue. In any case, years after that the spam found another casualty and it’s none other than your Google Analytics account. It’s not any more shrouded that Analytics information is essential for SEO objectives. In any case, when counterfeit and nasty information enters your site, it ends up extreme to gauge the impacts of SEO. Through this article, you’ll come to think about 6 various types of approaches to channel spam SEO activity that enters your Google Analytics account. You’ll additionally know how it enters and how to expel it in the meantime in the substance.


Bots are a real threat to your SEO traffic although there are some good bots like Google Bot that essentially help your site boosting on the internet. But, there are some devil-ones as well that can hack your traffic and steal your content. So, what to do in this condition, go through 6 tremendous ways to filter spam SEO traffic in Google Analytics.

1.Filter Your Analytics Traffic:

The first thing to do in order to block the spam SEO traffic, filter the Analytics data and thus you could understand what unnecessary things have been removed. To start this, you need to create a separate view in your Google Analytics account and refer it “bot traffic filter”


  1. Go to Admin
  2. Click Add(+) icon on the All the website
  3. Now Create New View
  4. Finally important to set the Time Zone

2.Filter the existing bots:

As said above, you have to hinder all bots that run over your SEO activity. In any case, what all the more celebrating here is that you have the chance to evacuate them with a catch accessible in Google Analytics. It expels every known bot and spares a lot of your chance and exertion. Google refreshes it at whatever point it finds new bots.

  1. Enter view settings
  2. exclude all hits from bots and spiders

3. Add the Spam Related links

Without a doubt, Google Analytics traps known bots and furthermore square them, yet there are wicked ones that may sneak past the net. To get these new bots, open your referrer report before ordering your plunging information told by the bob rate. Those having the most ricochet rate should be at the best. Utilize the propelled channel which empowers you to see just sessions that went past a specific limit and that edge will rely upon the measure of activity you get, however, 50 could be an ideal number. After that look at the rundown and discover which locales are important for adding to your referral list. You may discover somebody there too.

4.Set Up a Bad link filter:

Return to your new view and make a “Terrible referrers” channel. Try not to do this at the record level however at the viewscreen, and here’s the manner by which to make the channel: To set up a terrible channel referrer, you’ll need to return to “new view” and there make a “Bad Referrers” channel. It’s just plain obvious, how you can make the channel

  1. Go to Admin
  2. choose to view and then click filter
  3. choose to add filters and create a name
  4. choose custom followed by Exclude
  5. In the Filter, Section click on campaign course and input pesky domains

5.Strain the spam traffic from specific countries:

when you are going to block the spam from countries. you should know about the spam from the different nations.


  1. Open Admin Tab
  2. Make Another New View
  3. Click Filter followed by New Filter Button
  4. Lastly, Filter all the spam traffic giving you problem

6. Stop Bad Bots:

Blocking terrible bots is a troublesome errand as though even a wrong character utilized would demolish your site. This is the reason you should keep a reinforcement first and you approach the server

You should use .htaccess for this, and the command is:

Rewrite Engine On
Options +FollowSymlinks
Deny from Access
Allow from all

This code can’t be copied and pasted as it is needed to be into your ht.access file.It’s an best way of removing bot traffic that’s slowing your site down, and it also prevents bots from getting to your site in the first place, which therefore mean it won’t ever tamper with your Google Analytics data.

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